Matthew Dunne


I'm an artist and writer living in Melbourne, Australia.

As an artist I'm driven by loving the environment and grieving how we treat it, especially here in Australia. Extinction, colonial legacies and climate change are at the heart of what motivates me to follow stories and create engaging work. I hope that the art I make combines truth, reflection and emotion to viscerally engage viewers in the nuances and grey areas we all are a part of.

I've recently had my first monograph published. It's about the deliberate killing of eagles in Australia. Please purchase it here.

I'm currently working on a project about the labour of conservation in Australia and the nuances and complexities of rewilding and protecting land and animals here.

My practice also incorporates significant exhibitions and I am consistently pushing myself to develop site-specific installations that engage, surprise and provoke audiences. I like working in public (or public-facing) spaces and combining multiple installation strategies in the same space.

My most recent exhibitions have been at Oigall Projects (2022) and Gippsland Regional Art Gallery (2022).

As a writer I primarily write about photography. I review photography books, write essays about the medium, create exhibition texts and artist statements for others. I try to write with a clear and accessible voice. I am turned off by art speak.


- I founded Tall Poppy Press, a publishing house dedicated to emerging and under-represented Australian photography

- I have dual citizenship, lack a gall bladder and landed a backflip once

Please feel free to get in touch:dunne.matt(at)

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